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I am a cateye noob. I attempted to try this look on many occasions, and it never works out. The wing is either too high, too low, raccoon eyes, or every small to hidden liner. I felt cateye makeup look was not meant for me. It is better to stick to my natural eyeliner look; one stroke along the lower eyelid and done!

But, I was bored with my same eyeliner routine. I want to punch it up a little bit. So, I decided to get back into the cateye eyeliner look. After a few practice runs, I finally got the hang of the cateye. Not expert level yet, but a pretty good cateye. I want to share my top cateye tips that I learned from my experience.

  1.  Draw before Trace: use your eyeliner pencil to lightly draw the outline of your cateye or wing shape. If you are happy with the shape of your wing or cateye, use a liquid eyeliner pen to trace over the outline.
  2. Practice makes perfect: do not stress yourself out over not getting the cateye look on the first try. It takes practice. Be sure to practice with a eyeliner pencil before you commit to ink or cream liner.
  3. Edit and Conceal: use a small amount of makeup remover to delete any harsh or bleeding lines. Use a concealer to highlight the wing.
  4. Experiment: experiment with various styles and shapes. Always remember: there is no right or wrong way to apply makeup. The world is your oyster.

These tips has helped me tremendously! I have not tried the most advanced cateye looks on YouTube or various beauty blogs, but it is a challenge that I am more than happy to accept. These tips don’t just apply to the cateye look, but to various eye looks in general if you are a beginner. I am at the beginner stage myself, so we can all learn together.

My favorite cateye look is the rainbow cateyes. They look very cool, and I have seen a YouTuber create this look perfectly. I loved it a lot. I do have a cateye look in mind that will be posted on my personal blog on friday. I am very excited to attempt this look. I hope you will visit my blog on friday to check it out! What is your favorite cateye look? let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for reading :)