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DIYs, or do-it-yourself projects, are a great way to amp up your wardrobe at an affordable price. With these chic fashion DIYS, you can personalize your style without breaking the bank! Most DIY items are a simple twist on simple fashion pieces. However, with a few stitches and some fabric, your article of clothing can look effortlessly fabulous. Here are are some chic fashion DIYs:

Turn a Scarf into a Cardigan

I am a huge fan of cardigans! They’re so versatile and easy. Just throw them on with a printed tank top, some jeans, and boots, and you’re good to go! Why shell out a ton of money for this wardrobe staple, when you can easily take any scarf and wear it like a cardigan?

For this chic fashion DIY, take an infinity scarf. Then, pull it out until it stretches against your back. Put your elbows through the bottom of the scarf while simultaneously putting the top of the scarf around your shoulders. Next, spread out the sleeves so the scarf looks like a cardigan. Done! Now, your infinity scarf collection can also be your cardigan collection. Talk about efficiency!

Lace it Up

Take any solid colored scarf and sew lace fabric onto it using a zig-zag stitch. This DIY is a simple, feminine twist on a wardrobe essential! You can also do the same to black flats, or even moccasins.

Jeans to Shorts

Have a spare pair of jeans lying around? Turn your jeans into shorts with a simple cut. Using a fabric scissor, mark a line where you want to cut the jeans. After cutting, make sure you hem the shorts in order to avoid frays. Make sure you fold twice.

There are a myriad of fashion DIYs, so browse around! What’s your favorite fashion DIY?