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Question: How can I choose the right foundation?

Answer: Many people say that in order to find the right foundation, you need to splurge. Well, I say that’s only partly true. It is possible to find a great bottle of foundation without spending loads of money, but in my experience it takes some extra time and effort. If you don’t have the time to try out multiple drugstore products, then you should vouch for a high-end foundation—something that you can really count on. Personally, when I buy something, I expect it to work well. I don’t mess around.

Determine your skin type.

So, how do you know if you have oily, dry or combination skin? If you’re always reaching for blotting papers, you have oily skin. When you’re dry-skinned, you’re probably always paranoid about flaking skin and constantly on the lookout for the perfect moisturizer. If you’re still stuck and wondering which side of the spectrum you’re on, chances are you have combination skin. Don’t forget to buy a foundation based on your specific skin type.

Sample it first. Really.

Okay, I admit: even though I’m an avid fashionista and shopaholic, I absolutely hate trying things on. I know my measurements by heart and research sizing charts like it’s nobody’s business. In most cases, I can merely glance at an outfit and determine whether or not it’ll fit. But if you share this same mindset when entering the beauty realm, you’re going to have a hard time. Trust me. I wouldn’t tell you this stuff unless I really meant it, but when it comes to a makeup staple such as foundation, you need to try it out before buying. Make sure the foundation shade matches your skin tone completely. Ladies, I know it’s tempting to compare the color in the bottle to your skin tone in the mirror, but with foundation you’ve really got to apply it directly to your skin. It’s the only way to truly know. When trying out any foundation, make sure you apply it to your cheeks and jawline.

Test it in natural light.

So you know when you’re on a dinner date and that one mirror in the restroom makes you feel like a superstar? Then when you’re home later that night, you notice a blemish on your face and think, “How did I not see that earlier”?? Yep, light (or rather, lack thereof) is the culprit. When you’re not being illuminated by natural light, you’re not seeing yourself clearly. On a similar note, this is one big reason why I like to check on my eyeliner or eyeshadow outside before going to a major event. If I don’t, I find later that my bathroom mirror was too dim and that in all actuality, my makeup ends up being too thick. Anyway, it is equally as important to match your foundation in the sunlight for this very reason.

Indoor lighting can be very deceiving. The sun is your friend when it comes to matching foundation to your skin tone.


For oily skin, try Revlon ColorStay (the oily skin version)

For combination skin, try MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

For dry skin, try MAC Studio Sculpt (after applying a reliable moisturizer)