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I realize some of you (myself included) have ended up with disastrous results and some serious regret after cutting your bangs. Perhaps yours were cut too short or your hair texture caused them to be too poofy. I mean let’s face it. As inspiring as that celebrity photo might be, nine times out of ten you won’t leave the salon rocking said celebrity’s coveted bangs (I’m looking at you Zoe Deschanel). And don’t even get me started on the growing out period. What a pain! But it’s okay. Everyone at some point has had a bad haircut. If you’re ready to try again despite a less than stellar bang experience, you’re in luck. Because this time you’ll have a better idea of what style will truly look best on you. There’s no trick or real secret behind it. It’s all in the face shape. So, are you ready to make the cut?

Before you make the big snip, however, you may want to familiarize yourself with the most common bang hairstyles to choose from. Of course, you have long and short. But there’s also lash-grazing (trimmed to the eyelashes and angled at the temples), above the brow, parted, blunt and, my personal favorite, side-swept. Parted or “curtain” bangs are great when transitioning into a different style or growing your bangs out. Side-swept bangs or non-bangs as they’re commonly referred to look great on all face shapes.

Now let’s move on to the fringe benefits, shall we?


This face shape is defined by a high forehead, and bangs can certainly hide a large forehead. Not to mention, bangs help to diminish the length of a long face, making it appear wider. If you have a long face shape, you can get away with side-swept bangs or longer and heavy blunt bangs for an edgier look, where the bangs start at the crown.


As with any hairstyle or sunglasses, oval face shapes can pretty much rock anything. It’s the most sought after face shape because of its near-perfect symmetry. You have an oval face shape if it’s longer than it is wide. Angled or razored bangs, heavy bangs that curve down on the side or bangs cut short near the hairline serve this face shape best.


If the width of your cheeks is the same as your jaw, then you have a round face shape. Angular bangs, thick side-swept bangs, asymmetric or bangs shorter in the middle will help to give the illusion of a longer face. Try to avoid unflattering blunt cut bangs or wispy bangs.


Heart-shaped faces typically have wider foreheads and a distinct pointed chin. You want to balance out the bottom of your face with the top and draw attention away from your chin if you have a heart-shaped face. The best bang hairstyles for you are long side-swept bangs, layered or feathered bangs or choppy bangs. Blunt bangs cut straight across just below your brows will not only cover the forehead, but it’ll also soften a pointed chin.


Square-shaped faces have hard angular features. Since bangs tend to soften this face shape, try long, side-swept bangs that slightly graze the brows or hit just below them. Make sure your bangs are longer and tapered on the sides than they are in the middle. Wispy bangs slightly showing a bit of your forehead are also flattering.

Bangs can be extremely flattering, especially when it comes to enhancing your face shape and bringing attention to your beautiful eyes. But some styles definitely look better on a particular face shape than others. So whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, bangs can  take your hair cut from drab to fab if you’re willing to make the big chop.

Which bang hairstyles are you desperate to try?