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Labor Day usually marks the official end of summer. Before we know it, the leaves will change colors, Starbucks will churn out all sorts of crazy pumpkin goodies, and we’ll have to start warming up our cars before heading off to work. But, all of that only means one thing to the fashion lovers out there—sweater weather. For those of you who can’t stand the thought of a sweater paired with warm leggings, here are six tips for how to turn your favorite summer clothes into fabulous fall outfits:

6 Fall Fashion Tips

1. Layer your shorts.

Try layering a vest or a cape with your favorite pair of shorts. Your must-have summer shorts can double as a fall favorite too!

2. Tights are your new best friend.

You’re allowed to wear short skirts, mini dresses, and short-shorts in the fall on the condition that you’re wearing tights. Tights come in different textures and colors, so pump up your outfit by adding color and a little warmth.

3. Boots and short hemlines are definitely in.

Boots are a popular accessory for the upcoming season. Whether you like knee-highs or booties, you can still enjoy a dress, skirt, or cropped pant with boots in the fall.

4. Ankle socks are pretty cool, actually.

Ankle socks rock with a pair of super cute peep-toe heels. Or, get a little wild and buy a pair of thigh-highs.

5. Just add a scarf.

It’s ridiculous that the difference between a summer and fall outfit can be as simple as adding a scarf into the mix. Scarves come in different colors, fabrics, sizes and styles. Add a scarf, some mittens, and a hat to your outfit, and you’re ready for fall!

6. When all else fails, you still have skinny jeans.

Tired of tights? I know you have some skinny jeans sitting in the back of your closet just waiting to be layered underneath a sundress. Just think of the dress as a tunic top and embellish it with shiny jewelry, and then you’ll be styling.

Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you have to pack away your summer clothes just yet! Will you try one of these looks this season?