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I absolutely love treasure hunting on Ebay, but navigating through all of the different options and millions of posts can prove to be a little tricky. Follow these easy steps and you should have a brand new wardrobe for only pennies on the dollar!

 STEP 1 —> Figure out what brands fit you well before you start shopping this will help you score new outfits that actually fit.

 STEP 2 —> Use the search tool to narrow down your results. Search for the item that you want, your size and the brands that you want to see. I also like to re-order the search results from least expensive to most expensive…that way I fall in love with items that are actually in line with my budget!

                                   * For instance, instead of searching “dresses”, search for a specific brand or narrow your search down to multiple brands IE. search for cocktail dresses then choose the brands that you want to look at such as Kate Spade, Ted Baker Alice and Olivia etc.

STEP 3 —> If you find an item that you really like,  look at other items the seller has listed for sale.  You never know, you may just meet your shopping soulmate on eBay! ;)

 Here are a few items that I currently have my eye on (cute outfit alert)!

This cute little Ted Baker dress is only $20 at the moment!  Check out this JCrew Bracelet; it’s only $2.26! To take make this dress a bit more casual, I’d pop on some cork wedges and carry a cute little clutch like this one from Anthropologie that’s currently on sale for $9.99!

Here’s to finding fantastic treasures, exciting deals and amazing outfits!