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via Flickr

via Flickr

There’s nothing worse than walking ten or twenty New York City blocks because you’re bar hopping, club hopping or you drank too much and a taxi won’t stop for you. Add the cold into the mix and by the time you get to the club, it’ll look like you’re smuggling raisins because it’s a bit nippy outside. Winter makes it such a chore for us ladies to look hot because let’s face it–you don’t go clubbing to look ‘cute.’

To keep yourself warm remember to layer, layer, layer:

So you’re freezing outside, jumping up and down on the line convinced by the time you make it inside the club you’ll resemble an ice sculpture. Once make it onto the dance floor, you’re sweating off your foundation and mascara, your hair is frizzy and everyone can see your tracks. Forget that, you put your arms up and everyone can see your armpit sweat but who cares because you feel good, you look good and no one can stop you from bumping your fist.

This is where a long sleeved little black dress comes in handy. Black will hide your sweat stains and keep your arms warm enough once you head back outside. Add a leather jacket for a badass look. Pair the look off with black booties, studded ones will look great, along with big hair and a dramatic make-up look.


Can’t let the short skirts or shorts go? I’m a fan of the disco shorts too, but if anything, they lead to goosebumps and make dry skin more visible since the wind will be whipping at your legs. Instead of freezing or carrying a bottle of lotion with you, invest in a pair of tights. There are so many different patterns for tights now- some come with polka dots, sparkles, in nude, black or electric blue. Whatever you choose, make sure it compliments your outfit (but more power to you if you like the mismatched look). Either way they’ll keep your legs warm but gives you the ability to still show them off. You can also opt for thigh highs that peek out of the top of your boots and you can throw on a cropped sweater over a tight top to take on/off during the night. Another great option when it comes to skirts and shorts are co-ords. The matching pieces make figuring out what to wear easy but colored tights can help liven the outfit up.


Have you ever tried to twerk in jeans? Yeah, don’t. If you’re more a pants girl don’t be afraid. A few years ago, I would have said leggings are a definite no when you go out to a club unless you were going someplace where the dress code was lax or it was more of a skeevy dive. Now, leggings have become fashionable. Try leather leggings with a lace top and leather jacket or blazer. Printed trousers are also a great option because they’ll be looser than regular pants. Since it’s the holiday season you’re going to see glitter everything. So glitter leggings are a possible option along with a cropped fuzzy sweater or an oversized one with metal hardware (i.e, zippers). You can also wear liquid leggings with a boyfriend sweater and play with accessories to jazz things up.


For full body coverage, go for a romper. Dress it up with a colorful blazer or cardigan to keep yourself warm. Cardigans are great because they typically fit into your bag so you can skip the coat check and take it off when you start to get warm then fling it right back on once you go outside.

Whether you choose to add a jacket, tights or go completely left field and try a blanket sweater over your outfit with a belt to cinch your waist, the truth of the matter is it’s winter and it’s cold. So if you’re headed to club, bring someone with you because the best kind of warmth is body heat. Even if that person is just your best friend.