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Finding the perfect handbag is hard, and we all know it. Personally, I can’t really be bothered to spend more than $30 or $40 on a bag because I go through so many! I’m constantly scouring second hand stores looking for a perfectly worn-in handbag. What’s even more difficult to find than an affordable quality handbag, is one that matches your individual style. It has to have the right color combination, the right texture and material, etc. The struggle is real, girls. I usually opt for black or just basic leather, but there’s something really alluring about the geometrical blocking on that ‘new look’ clutch.


1. Kate Spade in Red– $95

2. River Island in Cream – $34.11

3. Whistles Real Leather in Gold – $85.28

4. New Look in Leather and Monochrome – $20.85

5. Zara in Leopard – $49.90

6. Zara in Burgundy – $49.90

7. Nasty Gal in White – $48

Nothing quite completes an outfit like a statement clutch, and despite what you may think, there really is one for every style. The real question is: why are they so hard to find? I never see them in stores, but they are all over the internet! All of my favorite bloggers, be it fashion or beauty, seem to always have a clutch in hand. I never really considered myself a clutch person as I can be quite careless and I would be constantly terrified of leaving it laying in some store somewhere. Because of that weird little phobia, I really like the versatile clutches that have the option of wearing it over your shoulder. Of the ones I listed above, I love the basic burgundy clutch from Zara. Which one do you love?

I would love to hear what kind of handbags you generally go for and if you consider yourself a clutch kind of girl. Where do you like to buy your handbags? Let me know in the comments below! I love to check out the local flea markets or second hand shops because I’ve found that I can get a better deal on genuine leather there. Happy Friday!