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Question: What are some tips for wearing colorful eye shadow?

Answer: If you’re tired of the same old neutral tones, then you’ll likely find that wearing colorful eye shadows can be a great way to liven up your look. The problem is that neon pinks and electric blues aren’t always appropriate for every occasion and can be pretty difficult to wear. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from sporting vibrant hues on your peepers wherever and whenever you desire! Colorful eye shadow isn’t just for New Year’s Eve Parties and Halloween, there are many ways to wear vivid colors at any time of day!

So read on for some tips that’ll help you rock vibrant eye shadow in any setting:

Pair with neutrals

While some people may have the guts to rock a rainbow eye all year round, most of us aren’t quite so ambitious. I think the best way to work color into your eyeshadow look is by pairing one bright shade with more neutral colors. This will bring the focus to one portion of your eye instead of having a myriad of colors, which can be overwhelming.

If you’re on the hunt for a good palette with both bright and neutral options, check out Urban Decay’s Ammo Palette—this creamy, blendable eye shadow palette offers a wide range of neutral and bright tones. This palette features some beautiful pops of color, like a gorgeous teal and an olive green (to name a few)! Palettes like this are a great way to fulfill all your eyeshadow needs in one place.

Start with colors that complement your eye colors

Are you a colorful eye shadow beginner? Start with shades that will complement your eye color. Blue eyes look beautiful with warm colors wrapped around them, like gold or peach. If you’ve got brown eyes—reach for purple, green and blue colors. Green eyes look lovely sporting pink, purple and rusty shades. And hazel eyes have quite an affinity for burgundy, purple and pink. Don’t be afraid to inject a little color onto your eyes.

Go for the shadow-as-liner look

My favorite way to mix up my eye makeup routine is to use a colorful eyeshadow as a liner on my upper or lower lashline. I’ve been known to sport a deep aquamarine or emerald green shadow as eyeliner. I also love wearing mint shades along my bottom lashline for a super summer-appropriate dash of color. It’s a great way to define your eyes without falling back on the oh-so-typical blacks, browns and grays!

Use a colorful but deep color in the crease

Something you may not know? Colorful eye shadow can be used in the crease of your eye to create gorgeous definition. Deep plums, burgundy colors and dusty purples look incredible blended into the socket of your eyes.

Not comfortable with full-on neon just yet?

So you want to wear color but aren’t quite ready to dip your brush into those opaque orange shades just yet? Go for muted tones. Muted purples, pinks, and greens look incredible on the eyes. Even a pale orange would look amazing as an all-over the lid color.

So don’t neglect those bright blues and vivid greens in your makeup palette! Liven up your makeup look with some vibrant eyeshadow.