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How can I create Hollywood glam waves?

Answer: Hollywood retro-style glam waves look great for so many different occasions, and although they may look a bit tricky, they’re actually pretty easy to achieve!

A couple of tools you’re going to need include: a 1 inch curling iron (like the Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron), professional styling clips (try these from Hot Tools), a paddle hair brush, hair serum (try John Freida Frizz Ease ), and hairspray (Big Sexy Hair has a great volumizing spray).

First, brush your hair out and part on the side. You’re going to be separating your hair in to three sections (or two if you have thin hair), so clip 2/3 of your hair up with a hair clip. Pump a nickel-sized amount of serum in to your hands and run through the ends of your hair to protect from heat, as well as create a little shine.

Take your curling iron and clamp a 1/2 inch section of hair in to the iron. Roll the hair up almost to the root and hold in a vertical direction for about 10 seconds. Release the hair and shape with your fingers if need be. Continue curling your hair all the way around your head in the same direction. This is key to achieving this glam-inspired look. Spray a bit of hairspray over this section for extra hold. When you’re done with this section, unclip your hair and separate another 1/3 section. Clip the other third up on top of your head. Curl the second section of hair in the same direction as the first, and spray when finished. For the last section of hair…you guessed it! Curl in the same direction and finish off with a little hairspray.

When all of the curling is done, use a paddle brush to brush out all of the curls. Yes, I know this step may seem terrifying especially since you just did all of that work, but I promise this is important to glam-ify your hair. Brush from root to ends all around your hair and watch as your curls transform in to old Hollywood retro waves. Take a few extra pumps of hair serum and rub it in to your hands before running your fingers through your hair one last time. If you have the type of hair that loses curl quickly, finish off with a few more sprays of hairspray, and voila! You’re all done!

Do you have any other tips for achieving Hollywood glam waves?