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Looking for some back-to-school makeup ideas? Check out these cute eye makeup looks!

Liquid eyeliner

Here is a super cute idea: play around with eyeliner! The look is fashion-forward, but still great for school or work. Try a simple black line or layer your look up with colorful, glittered liner. Mastering liquid eyeliner can be tricky, but it’s totally possible! Find a good liquid eyeliner in your preferred style and then practice, practice, practice!

When I apply liner, I sit on a stool and anchor my elbow on bench with my mirror in hand. This makes the process easier. It took me about a week to perfect a liquid line that’s chic, not silly. So, don’t give up and keep trying until you get it right!

Neutral eyeshadow

Brown matte eyeshadow is another great look to try this season. You can’t go wrong with neutral colors! These shades give a lovely, natural-looking glow to your eyes. Pair the shadow with loads of mascara to make your eyes really pop. Also try champagne colors that match your skin tone.

Don’t forget to curl those lashes! If you don’t have an eyelash curler, then try one of my favorite beauty tricks. Take a spoon, heat it up in some warm water, and then press the spoon to your lashes. Voila! Your lashes are prepped for your favorite mascara.

Colorful mascara

This look is for the brave! Try on mascara in a bold and colorful shade. If a bright pop of color seems intimidating to you, start with something more subdued like a dark navy mascara. It’s a subtle look that still stands out!

What’s your favorite cute eye makeup look?