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If you’re looking to rock a killer pair of heels at the dance club, think first and foremost about comfort. Trust me, you’ll regret wearing those brand new five-inch stilettos. No matter what type of club you’re going to go and what type of clubber you are, there’s a shoe out there that’s perfect for you!

For The Dancer

Getting on the dance floor at least five times is an absolute must for you, that is if you aren’t on it the entire time. If you enjoy going to the club for the music, then you’ve probably already invested in a good assortment of dancing shoes. You’re not a novice clubber; you know what works and what doesn’t. One of these styles will suit your dancing queen look.

For The Wall-Hog

Maybe it’s your first time at a club. Maybe you’re only there for your girl’s birthday. Did you catch the Kanye West reference? Anyway, the wall-hogs, who I identify with, are most likely not habitual club-goers. We don’t usually have a ton of club ready outfits on hand at any given moment, and aren’t all that concerned with our feet hurting because we’re either A) standing against the wall, B) sitting at the bar or a table, or C) hiding in the bathroom. Try one of these Shoe cult of Jeffrey Campbell styles.

For The Socialite

As a socialite, you’ve probably got a ton of hookups for every club in the city. You’re always in the VIP sections because you know every promoter. You may even host events. With all this comes a lot of running around, having fun, and making sure everyone else is enjoying a good time too. You want to dress to impress, but you have to be realistic about how much floor action your feet can take. Thicker and shorter heels will become your new BFFs.

For The Fashion Killa’

The fashion killas of the clubs are those girls who dress like they’re going to the MET or VMAs, and circle the floor every once in a while to bless everyone with their presence. And of course they’re always snapping some shots for their Instagram. These girls are most likely to choose style over comfort because ya know, pain is beauty. The fashion killa is also likely to wear the latest trends like double strap sandals or trainers to the club without causing a stir because she looks that good.

No matter what type of clubber you are, you can rock a great pair of shoes and dance the night away!