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I like making my closet work for me by never breaking up things into specific sections- there is no “casual wear” and “evening wear”; no “day pieces” and “night pieces”. I like to wear evening gowns with chunky knit sweaters during the day, and flannel shirts with sequined evening skirts during the night. The fun contrasts make for some playful, inventive outfits, and it really makes the wardrobe you took the time to curate work for you. So in the spirit of that, I’m starting off a new series called “From Day to Night”, where I take a piece of clothing and style it for dramatically different events- like grabbing coffee with a friend at 2 o’clock, and then going to get drinks at the swanky new bar at midnight.
And today’s piece? This New Old Fashion Vintage denim jacket. Let’s see how versatile it really is!

FROM DAY: Bundle into a fisherman sweater and tassel scarf and pair the look with high waist shorts to juxtapose the chunkier top half. Pair it with some heeled booties to keep the fall vibe going, and add a camel colored hat for some interest and a gold clutch to add a touch of fancy. Then top off the whole look with your denim jacket for a touch of color and an extra layer for both warmth and interest. Now go get that coffee- your friend is waiting!


FROM NIGHT: When mixing fancy with casual it’s all about balancing the two different vibes. For example, if you have an elegant full skirt, tone it down with a relaxed denim jacket. To make sure that the denim doesn’t take over the look, pair it with a swanky accessory like a gold bauble necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings. Then to balance the extravagant top-half, choose shoes that are more casual like suede booties or a pair of Chelsea boots. That way you have two different forces in your look but an even amount of each. Now that you’re all dolled up and ready to go, hail your cab and get ready to sip on pretty pink cocktails under those dim and dreamy lights!