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Dirty blonde hair is such a versatile and great hair color to have. It looks lovely in the winter and lightens naturally in the summer. But sometimes us dirty blonde gals may feel a little bored and want a change without having to wait for a day out in the sun to come around. Here are some great color ideas for dirty blonde hair:

1. Subtle ombre

OK, OK, I know ombre’s been around for quite some time and may seem tired and overdone, but the new wave of ombre is a more subtle melt of light color instead of the striking dark hair to brassy orange transition. When you go to your colorist, ask her to bring your color up about two shades on the bottom third of your hair (if it’s a reputable place I’m sure they’re well-versed in their ombre techniques). Here’s an example of subtle ombre for dirty blondes:

2. Natural highlights

Nothing’s worse than “zebra stripe” highlights, so when looking to lighten your hair a bit, try some face framing highlights that are just two shades lighter than your natural color (like the above ombre). Highlights are supposed to look natural instead of like stark bleach blonde streaks, so avoid that outdated look, ladies! For example, check out Jen Aniston’s incredible natural-looking highlights. She keeps it light around the face but also has some great highlights worked throughout the rest of her hair. Her colorist is a total genius because her color is one of the most sought-after in all of Hollywood.

3. Lowlights

Another way to switch up your dirty blonde color is by asking your colorist to work some darker color into the bottom layer of your hair so you have some lowlights peeking through to darken things up a bit. This look is great for the cooler months, but can totally be rocked in spring and summer, especially if you throw in some subtle highlights as well.

Don’t forget to keep your skin tone in mind!

Pay attention to your natural skin tone and choose the right color accordingly. Look at this picture of Jen with a much more light blonde color:

In the previous photo, Jen’s skin tone looks much more warm and her color is more radiant and appealing. This light blonde washes her out a bit and doesn’t flatter her as much as a darker dirty blonde. Take it from someone who thought having my freshman year roommate dye my hair blonde for me would be a good idea—if you have a good natural dirty blonde color, play it up instead of washing it out with an ultra-blonde color.