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Question: Why do guys hate red lipstick?

Answer: Who doesn’t love a bold red lip? They’re very versatile and fit seamlessly with any outfit. Not to mention they also help women exude sexiness and confidence. But there is a big problem with red lips—guys don’t seem to like them. Especially on a first date, red lips can be a big turn-off. For guys, red lips are like wearing a caution sign that says: “Avoid me…or things are going to get messy”. Unless you are wearing a shield, your lipstick is going to smudge everywhere. Men especially do not like the idea of having red lipstick all over their lips.

Should we stop wearing red lipstick altogether because men don’t like them? The answer is no. We can still sport a bold lip, while at the same time accommodating a man’s discomfort toward them. How? Well, for starters, you can stay away from lip gloss. Kissing someone with lip gloss can be a very sticky situation (literally). Before applying anything on your lips, go for lip balm. By moisturizing your lips, you can easily skip the lip gloss. Another tip is to opt for a matte lip. The benefit of a matte lip is that they’re more natural and don’t have any stickiness to them. Many cosmetic companies have been releasing matte lip creams that provide long-lasting color. Once you apply lip cream, the color stays put and you can go on with your life without worrying about smudging. Trust me, your man will thank you. Sephora carries a Cream Lip Stain in the color Always Red.

In your experience, how have guys reacted to red lipstick? Share your experience below!