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Between dropping temperatures and dry air, the winter months can be brutal for those who have dry skin.  Applying more foundation or creams can sometimes make your skin more flaky and deter the skin from moisture. But, there are a few tricks to conquer your dry skin and have a smoother, healthier complexion.

Prepping your face and using correct foundations can help you have a hydrated face all day long. You can also head to a local beauty department to see what they recommend for you specific skin condition if you’re unsure where to start.


Whether your face wash has exfoliation beads, or you use a deep cleansing brush, light exfoliation is crucial to ridding your skin from excessive dryness. It’s so important to not overdo it, though, and to lightly exfoliate so you don’t irritate your face. Try out a an exfoliating cleanser, like this one from Nars, that works for either all skin types or specifically dry skin.



Before you apply you main layer of makeup, prime your face or moisturize it as a base. Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer hydrates your skin while setting it for various makeup applicators. Try out a silky-based or gel formula to ensure that your skin will absorb it into the pores, hopefully countering the dryness. After applying, give it some time to set in before moving on to foundation.



BB Cream/Foundation

It can be beneficial to stay away from powder foundations that can potentially bring out your skin’s dry texture. Try out a light foundation or tinted moisturizer that will continue to hydrate your skin during and after application. Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer doubles as a foundation and moisturizer that isn’t as heavy as most foundations. You can always set it with some powder after if your skin begins to appear shiny.



If your skin doesn’t seem to hold moisture, make an appointment with a Dermatologist to determine if it’s affected by something other than the cooler weather. It’s crucial to take care of your skin all year long, so try out some products with different bases and see what works for you. Everyone’s skin condition is different, whether it’s oily, dry or combination, but there are products that can work for each type.