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: What are a few easy spring hairstyle ideas?

Answer: Oftentimes, we forget that our hair is one of our greatest accessories; there is just so much we can do! Not only do fashions change each season, but hairstyle trends change, too. This runway season, there have been many updos, braids, textures, accessories, and ponytails. We’ll explore each one by one:

The updo used to be considered a more formal hairstyle, but these days it can be worn as an everyday look. What makes an updo fresh and ready for spring is incorporating a windswept vibe. A windswept updo has a little messiness about it, with some straggling hairs around the face and the back of the updo itself.  It is a well put-together mess. Although it seems paradoxical, it may take a few tries to master the mess—so keep trying.

Texture is always key to hair; this season, hair with different textures is very popular. This includes half waves or the slicked back, wet look. Half waved hair implies straight hair from the top of the head to approximately chin level that then changes to flowing mermaid waves. The wet look slicks the hair to the back or to the side of the head. It is slicked from the hairline to the crown of the head, and as far as the top of the ears. Use products that keep it from looking greasy while, at the same time, make it look styled.

Braids have been a big trend recently and more often we are seeing big, medieval style braids. This sounds slightly strange, but makes perfect sense. Medieval style braids mean that the braid is long and hangs down your back, thick to one side of your head, or across the top of your head. Try adding some volume first by teasing the hair before you braid it, as it will make the braid bigger and more dramatic (in the best way).

Accessories are a huge hit right now and completely versatile. Instead of working with a plain hairstyle, add some flair with an accessory. Some cute looks would include flowers or gold accents. Try a gold barrette or headband holding up teased hair. With flowers, be careful to keep the ratio between size of the flowers to number of flowers in check. Translation: if you have a big flower, use one, but if you have tiny flowers, try using a couple strewn throughout your hair. Incorporating tiny flowers into a windswept updo is a great look.

Finally, we have ponytails. Ponytails are always in style but this season they are being worn low. Instead of wearing the high pony, keep it at the nape of your neck. This offers a cool, yet sophisticated and clean look.

Just because you style an outfit every morning doesn’t mean you have to skip styling your hair. Try some of these new hairstyles this spring, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed!