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Earth Day come and gone, but that does not mean we have to stop being Eco-friendly. We can all continue to practice good Eco-Friendly habits. Starting with fashion! start investing in pieces with natural breathable fabrics. You will feel more comfortable, and allow air to breathe through your body.


Another way to be Eco-Fashionable friendly is shop at thrift stores. You will be surprised of the amazing fashion items you can find. It is recyclable, very affordable, and filled with hidden treasures. Do you have old clothes or accessories? donate them to your local thrift shop. Do something good for the environment and community.

After shopping at thrift shops, make sure to always wash your new clothes with cold water, and dry on low heat. Cold water and drying on a low heat setting helps conserve energy, and money on your energy bills. Also, it will add a longer life span on your new clothes. practicing these actions will continue to add life to your new pieces.

 What’s new natural fashion items without cosmetics and accessories. When purchasing skincare or cosmetics, always stay cautious of the ingredients. Natural skincare or cosmetic items should not include alcohol, or unknown chemicals. You need to protect yourself, and your skin. Also, choose accessories with natural materials such as wooden beads, natural twine/thread, glass beads, etc. These kind of accessories pull your natural look together.

Finally, enjoy your new natural look! go for a walk or a nature hike. Enjoy the fresh spring air. Just because earth day passed, does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy nature as much as possible. Take 30 minutes out of your day to stay active. Get the body active, give your brain some oxygen, and the perfect time to take nature selfies.

Enjoy your new Eco-Friendly fashion looks! Thank you for reading :)