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QuestionWhat eye makeup looks should I try out?

Answer: Do you want to give your eye makeup game a boost? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some simple (but super cute) eye makeup looks to try this summer:

Colored Liner

If you want to really enhance your eyes but don’t have much time to get ready in the morning, then use a colored liner. Paired with a neutral shadow and lip, a bright color really makes your eyes stand out!  Don’t be afraid to try every shade under the sun—like greens, blues, golds—until you find what you like best. Experimentation can be fun!  To begin, brush on a base eye shadow that matches your skin tone, such as any color in Urban Decay’s Naked shadow palette. Next, trace your eyes with a colored liner of your choice. Urban Decay makes great liners in countless colors  including my favorite, the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Electric.

Different Shades

Most of us tend to fall into a routine with our eye makeup, so it’s always a good idea to embrace a pop of color and get creative with everyday looks. Neutral shadow with winged liner is my personal favorite and a familiar friend. But, it’s worthwhile to be a little adventurous and go for an eye shadow in a color that you haven’t tried before. There are vast number of color options in the different Sephora Collections. To draw more attention to your eyes and achieve the look below, add a vibrant shadow to the outer corners of your lids. Then, apply a light shadow to the corners of your eyes and blend in a vibrant color along the creases. Top it off with some black liner and mascara and you’ve got a new go-to style!

Shimmery Eyeliner

If you can’t seem to stray away from liquid eyeliner, then this is the look for you! Apply your regular black eyeliner as you normally would. To put a spin on this classic look and play up your eyes even more, line a shimmery gold or silver color on top of your previous application.  This simple step will instantly give your ordinary winged liner a chic upgrade. Try out Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer, a double-sided liner pencil that will get the job done in half of the time.

Be sure to try out all of these fun eye makeup techniques and let us know what other looks you’re into lately!