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With fall approaching and summer ending, most of us are starting to think about packing away our flip flops and shorts and wondering what to wear this next season.  A lot of us are looking to buy new clothes as well, and that’s good!  Of course, we all know we can’t create the perfect outfit without the perfect pair of shoes.  I have listed several of my favorite fall go-to styles.  In general, earthy and warm tones are best for fall so that it coordinates with the changing of the leaves in the trees. Particularly, I recommend sticking with darker shades of red, brown and yellow.  However, individual preference and style is important to keep in mind as well.

Here are some great, on-trend fall 2014 shoe trends:


Boots are, hands down, my favorite shoes in the world.  Not only are they comfortable, but they come in many different colors and styles.  Whether casual or sassy, boots say it all. I have a pair of suede fringe boots right now that I am completely in love with.  They are wedges so they give me a lift while also being stylish and comfy.  I also think warm and earthy tones are a perfect complement to fall colors.  Cowboy boots, leather and fringe boots are perfect for this upcoming time of year.


Oxfords give any outfit a chic and sophisticated edge.  I currently have a black flat and black heeled version in my closet, although I am planning on getting more color variations.  These shoes will go with a lot of different things, and are a great addition to a simple jean and shirt combination.



Ballet Flats

Comfort meets classy in the form of ballet flats.  Whether you are walking around campus or traveling for work, flats allow your feet to stand long walking distances without hurting.  And they are so cute!  I think there is no better option for a kick-on shoe than a ballet flat.  It’s true that you could wear these all year round, but I feel that they are especially great as a transition shoe between summer flip flops and furry winter boots.



I had to give this its own category because, well, I am a Sperry fanatic!  OK, not really.  But honestly, I bought my first pair of Sperrys last year and fell in love with them.  Not only are they versatile and can be worn all year long, but they are cushioned and comfy to wear.  And who doesn’t love their simple yet chic design?  I know I do!  They provide more support than a ballet flat without the sporty look of a sneaker.  These are best for those people who love walking long distances, or merely have to walk a lot.  Trust me, in the long run, your feet will thank you.



There are plenty of variations of shoes that are great for fall, but these are my top four.  Have fun and experiment with color and style, because that’s what fashion is all about!