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Question: How can I look fashionable on a budget?

Answer: We all have those “I-have-nothing-to-wear” kinda days—but if you’re really sick of your clothes—I mean, if everything in your closet feels boring, outdated or just doesn’t reflect who you are or your lifestyle anymore…it may be time to change things up. Keep reading to find out how you can be fashionable on a budget:

– Don’t get frustrated. Okay, you won’t be able to change your entire wardrobe from one day to another, but you can progressively add new pieces.

Avoid impulsive buying. Because you’re already restricted, it’s really important to carefully plan your new style and purchases rather than wasting money on fashion pieces you’ll only wear once. Look for inspiration in blogs, Pinterest, and Makeoverly of course!

– Buy a few exciting pieces (think: a patterned blazer, bright colored bag or standout shoe) to pump up that ordinary plain t-shirt and jean look.

Rethink your closet. You surely have pieces you can still work with, so mix and match them with your new purchases. Pair that beloved black leather jacket of yours with a new pencil skirt. You may end up creating really cool outfits without spending much at all.

Grab it from the boys. Menswear-inspired pieces are still on trend. A man’s shirt can be very versatile, and it’ll look great when contrasted with feminine pieces such as the high-waisted skirt and strappy sandals.

Get crafty. Create your own logo t-shirt, search for DIY necklaces on Pinterest or ask for help from that friend of yours who loves sewing. Transform an old sweater into a crop top or an outdated mini skirt into a midi by adding a cool printed fabric at the bottom.

– Go vintage. Your mom or grandma may have some treasures hidden in their closets. You can also check out a local vintage store and look for interesting jewelry, flared retro skirts, classic quality jackets and glasses with unique frames.

Experiment with your makeup and hair. Are you a full-face-makeup kind of girl? Instead, go with a more subtle look. Do you normally rock a natural makeup look? Mix it up by winging your liner and sporting a bold lip. After all, it’s all about experimenting and doing what feels right to you. And trust me, you’ll find new tones and colors that you would’ve never guessed you would like. When it comes to hair, you don’t even have to go to the salon to change your hairstyle—instead, practice a few Youtube hair tutorials.

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