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Accessories are a great way to spice up your look. Is it a party? A coffee with a few friends? A social event? Attention is always caught with a beautiful, unique piece.

I tend to always look for new shops, boutiques and smaller brands for my “unique” pieces. This way, you can always find something really interesting which few people have discovered before. I refuse to buy accessories worn by everyone, everywhere! You want people to admire your taste, with just a little bit of jealousy!

When you are ready to buy some gorgeous accessories, make sure to take a look in smaller businesses and shops- people there can be so unexpectedly talented!


There are always the big brands

such as Zara





Some not very famous brands

like Francesca’s


style moi


And gorgeous etsy shops which I am always in favour of supporting



Villa Sorgen Frei


I hope everyone will be able to find something to reflect their passion for fashion!