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Spring and summer can be a hard time to wear a maxi, yet, it somehow feels like one of the best times to wear one too. Heat + long dress; explain that one to me! If you pick the right maxi you can rock it through spring/summer without overheating! I have a few rules when donning the maxi; No one wants to look swallowed up by their dress or have the dreaded cling. Here are four things to keep in mind when wearing a maxi:

Four Rules For Rocking The Maxi Dress

One | Acknowledge Your Height

Short girls beware. I’m short so stepping all over a maxi hem is all too familiar. Hemlines that are too long will only make you look shorter.  We’re already vertically challenged, so let’s make this easier on ourselves! A maxi dress (or skirt) should just graze the top of your ankles. Keep that in mind while shopping and you’re golden.

Two | Create A Waist 

Some maxis are cut more to your shape, and if you find one of those, hold onto it and never let go… like Rose in Titanic. I’ll never let go JackFor boxier maxis, nip in the waist at its narrowest point, just under your ribcage, with a belt. This will accentuate or create an hourglass shape, and bonus: give the appearance of longer legs!

Three | Later Jersey

This is short and sweet. Avoid jersey maxis at all costs. Jersey clings to every lump, bump, and jiggle. Sure, you could pop on a pair of spanx, but it’s summer and no one wants lock themselves into a sweat box! Pick a fabric that just sweeps or skims over your skin. Now a high quality cotton maxi with some substance can really be your friend, so don’t toss that baby out with the bath water.

Four | The Split Leg Is Your Friend

Go for a single split, or double split if you’re feeling bold. Again, if you’re short this extra peak of leg with help elongate your silhouette. Just remember, slits that are too high give way too much peak of leg and can actually cut your leg off in the wrong place and make you look shorter. Funny how that works, huh? Keep it classy!

That’s it! Keep these four tips in mind this spring/summer and you’ll be rocking the maxi like a pro!