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Question: How do I rock fuchsia lips?


Fuchsia lips are a surefire way to add some sizzle to your summer makeup look! The most important thing is to keep the rest of your makeup natural and minimal and let your lips do the talking—literally.

Minimalism Is The Key

Statement lipstick is much like a statement necklace. You wouldn’t distract from a statement necklace with overly flashy earrings or millions of bangles, would you? Like the necklace, let the lips be the focal point of your face and keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Much like the stunning runway looks of Marc Jacobs, keep foundation natural, but flawless. I would recommend using a BB cream set with a soft, matte powder.

Minimalism doesn’t necessary mean a totally nude face. Feel free to flutter those luscious lashes with a layer of mascara and make your peepers pop with white eyeliner. By minimalism, I mean don’t wear a huge smokey countered eye or false lashes. The beauty of fuchsia lips is that you can wear it with absolutely no other makeup. I often apply some on a lazy day when I can’t face applying every single product in my makeup bag.

A Shade For Every Skin Tone

Skin tone, eye color, and hair color should all be taken into consideration when choosing your perfect lip shade. What may look good on your bestie may make you look like a drag queen!

If you have light blonde hair or red hair, alabaster skin, and blue-green eyes, try a punchy cotton candy shade with purple undertones. The cool undertones match those of your skin. If you have very blonde hair, avoid shades that are too pink as they could appear slightly barbie-ish.

Do you have medium to dark blonde hair and sandy toned skin? A soft pink is your new best friend. Your golden glow looks stunning against this warm shade.

A fuchsia shade with slight coral undertones looks amazing on ladies with brown hair and brown or green eyes with fair skin. Your mid-toned locks can handle a shade that could look barbie-ish on your lighter haired sisters.

Asian skin looks stunning set against a dark coral-fuchsia. It complements your skin’s olive undertones and brings out those beautiful brown eyes.

Colored skin like the gorgeous Rihanna? Light and bright is your best friend!

Ladies with dark skin look amazing with any bright lip color! So go all the way like Lupita and pick up that punchy purple fuschia!

Application Tips

Everyone loves a bright lip color, but nothing is worse than to reapplying it every half hour! Here are some makeup tips to keep your fuchsia pout colorful and defined:

  1. Exfoliate your lips using an old toothbrush.
  2. Apply a moisturizing concealer to your upper and lower lip lines.
  3. Invest in a fuchsia toned lip liner and carefully outline your upper and lower lip lines, paying particular attention to the shape of the cupids bow.
  4. Use a lip pencil to gently blend and soften the line inwards towards the fleshy part of your lips.
  5. Apply your favorite fuchsia shade!


 Will you try rocking the fuchsia lip trend?