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game day fashion

Photo by Larrison

It’s that time of year again—where fashion and sports collide. That’s right. It’s game season. And whether you’re an actual fan of the sport (like myself), or prefer to tailgate before the big game—you don’t have to cheer for your favorite collegiate or professional team in the same old drab jerseys, t-shirts and jeans. When it comes to the pigskin for most fashionistas, it’s not about what team wins or loses (unless you’re a die-hard SEC or NFL fan). It’s mostly about scoring big in what you wear to the game. Uncertain of how you can show spirit in the perfect sporty style? Well, gear up for a lesson in Stadium 101 using the three C’s: color, comfort and character. Yes, these game day style suggestions will help you stand out from the sidelines all the way to the nosebleeds.


For style that lasts all the way to the fourth quarter, the easiest place to start is by blending the right colors in your outfit. Since most schools and NFL teams have two primary colors, you can build your ensemble from scratch by mixing up these two colors. If you haven’t exactly mastered mixing and matching complementary colors, try wearing a solid color dress in your team’s color. Then, choose your accessories like a belt or huge statement necklace in the other color.

Not a huge dress fan? Try pairing your favorite pair of jeans, shorts or overalls with a crop top or plain blouse in one of the primary colors and layer a cardigan or sleeveless shawl on top in the second color. A trendy way to show off your team spirit is with a plaid or flannel shirt in one or more of your team’s colors. During warmer temperatures, tie the flannel around your waist for an added style bonus or wear it with a skirt. Once it starts to cool down, you can wear the flannel over a customized shirt to get away from the boring jeans and t-shirt look. If your team’s colors are hard to find, you can always wear patterned or embellished tops, scarves or dresses that have at least one or more of the colors.


Heels + bleachers = disaster. Not only will you get tired of standing in heels for pre- and post-game parties, but you’ll quickly find out climbing bleachers in stilettos isn’t that simple either. My rule of thumb is to stick with ballet flats, sneakers or boots for game day to avoid an embarrassing accident or fall. Ballet flats and sneakers are the perfect warm weather style solutions. Not only do they come in an assortment of colors and prints to easily rep your team, but a pair of Keds, Converse sneakers or adorable ballet flats with a pop of color look great with just about anything.

My go-to shoes for football season are boots. I love to wear cowboy boots or fringed booties with dresses or shorts. When it starts to get cold, you can easily swap your short boots for knee-high boots to wear under a skirt or dress, or you can tuck your favorite jeans into tall boots during winter. Either way, you’ll be comfortable without sacrificing style.

Most stadiums today have a bag restriction for security purposes. Well, that sucks for those of us who want to carry a comfortable purse to house all our game day essentials. No worries. I’ve discovered the perfect accessory that meets the stadium bag requirement and allows you to be hands-free when cheering for your team: the crossbody bag. It’s small enough to make it through security without a hiccup yet big enough for your basic needs such as a cellphone, keys, wipes and lip gloss. A crossbody is also great to hang your sunnies on the side of it. And the best part about it is that you can find a crossbody bag in a variation of colors to represent your team, or you can easily monogram your team’s letters, logo or mascot on it.


When getting dressed for the big game, think of the half-naked guys in the stadium. Okay, I know this warrants an explanation. Yes, I’m talking about those guys with body paint smeared across their bare chests. Ever wonder why they always get attention? It’s because they’ve found their own signature look (or lack thereof) and unique way of cheering on their team. You have to do the same, injecting a bit of personality into your outfit minus the nudity. It’s super easy and affordable to customize any type of apparel or accessory using your team’s logo, mascot or letters. Just have fun with it like those naked guys do in scorching and freezing temperatures.

Ladies, you can absolutely make a winning play this football season in dresses, boots and skirt and top combinations, while calling for a time out on shapeless men’s jerseys and boxy college t-shirts or sweatshirts. No matter what team you’re rooting for, rest assured with these tips you can kick your game day attire up a notch and make getting dressed easier on any given Sunday (or Saturday).

Let’s hear from you: What do you typically wear to a football game?