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Question: How do I get my hair to stay curled?

Answer: I understand your pain, my straight-haired friend!

I am 20 years old and didn’t start curling my hair on a regular basis until two years ago because I had the same problem as you. Two years ago a friend sat me down and taught me how to properly curl my hair and my life has never been the same since. Hopefully I can be that same friend to you and help change your life—one curl at a time!

Here are four tips I have learned the past couple years that will help your straight hair stay curled:

Texture! Texture! Texture!

If you want your stubborn straight hair to hold curl, then you need to become besties with mousse, sea salt spray, and other texturizing hair products. Use these products while your hair is wet or dry and they will help hold your curls throughout the whole day! My favorite texturizing hair products are from the line Not your Mother’s.

Tight curls are your friend.

If you have tried curling your hair with loose curls and they are not holding, I would suggest vouching for tighter curls. Opt for a smaller curling iron (1/4”), and even if your curls do fall a little bit, that is totally okay! They will just look like looser curls, which is actually really in style right now!

Become a hairspray champion.

Use hairspray on each individual curl after it cools off. By doing this, your curls will hold longer—plus, it’ll give them more support throughout the day. You will also want to spray your hair again after you are finished styling it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to carry a small can of hairspray in your purse with you wherever you go!

Find the perfect iron.

Every curling iron is different, and you need to find the one that works best for you and your hair type. My first curling iron was a $20.00 1” Conair iron from Target, and now I use a $60.00 1” Hot Tools iron and couldn’t be happier! Since your hair is stubborn and doesn’t stay curly easily, I would suggest finding an iron that gets really hot—that way your curls are more likely to hold.