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Question: How can I look more feminine & girly with makeup?

Answer: Makeup is the best way to transform your face but also your style. If you use it in the right way, you can conceal any imperfections you may have and highlight your best features. There are many things that you can do to make yourself look more feminine, but there something else you need to know first: What products not to use, and which looks will take you more to the drag queen side.

First of all, if you have defined angles, a distinctive nose or a strong chin — you’ll want to stay away from dark shades and avoid extensive contouring. Contouring is a powerful technique for women with round faces and no angles. If you already have that, there’s no need to make it even stronger. Use bronzer and shades that are not overly dark to create the impression of a more firm nose, and use a highlighter to show off those cheekbones and add glow to your face. Again, don’t overdo it.

Another thing that will increase the masculine element are great eyebrows. You may think that you can pull off a Cara Delevingne look, but dark, thick brows are not the most girly thing you can go for. Keep them trimmed and in shape, but choose a lighter shade instead. The subtle version of every look is the one you’re looking for.

Now, when it comes to complete looks, I would suggest to keep your distance from smokey eyes. Especially black, dark grey and brown. Looks like this draw the attention to your wild, tough side, which is not what you’re searching for.

Now that you know what you should avoid, let’s see what will work for you when it comes to achieving a natural, feminine result.

The first tip goes without saying. Your go-to color is obviously pink!

Use a small amount of rosy blush on your cheeks for a cute, blushing look. It will make you look fresh and girly. Apply it on your cheeks and then continue all the way up, fading it out as you move.

Pink lips are a must, but you can also choose coral or pure red tones. Go for lip gloss over lipstick for a youthful look, and matte lipstick for a more mature outcome.

When it comes to eyes, you could definitely copy the 50’s pinup girls. Long, black,  flirty lashes and a nice wing with black eyeliner. Use a lash curler for outstanding lashes. If you are determined to incorporate some darker eye shadow colors to your look, then follow these steps: Apply primer all over your lid. Use a very light natural shade to your upper lid, followed by a darker shade of your choice (preferably brown or burgundy) applied directly onto your crease to add depth. Blend it all with a light pink or peach shade. Finish by highlighting the remaining area under your eyebrows.

For your nails, opt for the neutrals — maybe even french tips and, of course, pink, red and purple shades.

Last, certainly not least — a feminine look isn’t worth a thing without the perfect canvas. You want porcelain and flawless skin, and thanks to all the amazing primers, foundations and concealers in the market, you can easily have it!

Follow all of these steps and always remember not to overdo it. There is a very thin line between romantic or sexy feminine chic and clown/drag queen, and it’s easy to cross it. You can wear your shimmers and glitters, but here, once again, moderation is key!