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Smokey eyes are perfect for those nights out with the girls, and they’re just a great way to amp up your look. When executed properly, your smokey eye should look well defined; not just a mish-mosh of colors. So, here’s how to create a gold smokey eye:

Start off with a primer; I recommend the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Primers make your eye shadows more pigmented and gives them more staying power, which is exactly what you need!

Next, pick out your three eyeshadows: a light gold, medium gold, and a darker gold. Apply the lighest gold eye shadow in  your inner eyelids. You can also apply it all over the crease if you want, but I personally like applying it only to my inner eyelids.

Take the medium gold eye shadow and put it all over the crease of your eyes. If your eye shadow still isn’t very pigmented, even with the primer, feel free to keep layering on especially if it’s a buildable eye shadow.

Taking the darkest gold eye shadow color, apply to your outer eye. Start blending all the colors in evenly. Make sure each color is well-defined, and that your eye shadow color does not get totally lost in blending, to the point where there is only two definite colors.

For added dimension, I recommend taking a dark brown eye shadow and swiping it on the upper part of your eye shadow. Make sure you do this with light strokes, as it may appear too heavy. I like using dark browns instead of black shades, as black can be too harsh if not applied minimally. You can also choose to take the dark gold eye shadow and use a eyeliner brush to line your bottom lash line. Finish off with a winged eyeliner and some red lips, and you’re ready to party!