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Reader Question: H&M gift card – got as a gift, but not sure what to spend it on. Any ideas for shopping at H&M? the card has $100.

H&M is easily one of my favorite places to shop. There’s so much to love about the brand. Not only do they make great basic pieces but they try to stay as current as possible with the trends of major fashion houses. They also have a great amount and variety of items to choose from so you can fill your cart or arm with Parisian-inspired looks and night on the town dresses in one trip. You can’t forget how great their pricing is either. I’ve bought plenty of items from H&M over the years that have lasted through that time and costed me a fraction of what they would have elsewhere.

If you’re lucky enough to receive a gift card to H&M, just know that you are loved. Gift cards are awesome but when it’s time to spend the amount we’re always left with that “What the heck to I buy!?” feeling. Worry no more, because I’ve put together a little stress-free breakdown of how you can spend a $100 gift card at H&M.


Fabulous Outerwear
hm outerwear(trench coat $70, biker jacket $80, fur coat $70)

People rave about H&M’s outerwear. Where else can you get a classic trench coat for $70 that will actually keep you warm? Not many places, that’s for sure. H&M offers everything from vests and jackets to capes and coats. They also carry everything from the most classic of styles and colors to more edgy and trendy pieces. Need a baby blue wool coat this season? They’ve got that covered too.

A Big-Girl Bag
hm bags
(rolling bag $50, backpack $35shoulder bag $99purse $40)

Every girl needs a nice bag in their life. Some of us don’t have $100,000 sitting around to get a new Hermès Birkin bag every month. H&M is there to let you get that luxurious, quality look for a fraction of the price of a top designer piece. Again, there’s a huge variety at H&M all the way from the sleekest of wallets to the most beautiful carry-on you’ll ever use.

Stunning Shoes
hm shoes
(thigh-high boots $60taupe booties $99pumps $70, brown boots $80)

I have a pair of H&M shoes on as I type this… Actually, I’m in bed with fuzzy socks on (hey, they’re H&M too!) but I wore a pair of my H&M shoes today and I can attest that they’re pretty great. They’re comfortable, they last, they’re inexpensive and they’re so cute. Some times we go into a store looking for a new pair of pumps and a cool pair of sneakers in the same trip and H&M makes that so much easier with all of their options.

If you still can’t decide on one item to buy from H&M, I don’t blame you. Instead of choosing one, do a little shopping in each of the categories until you’ve filled your cart or arms with $100 worth of items. H&M is great with having a range of prices so you can maybe even find 10 items or more for less than $100. Reinvent your wardrobe! Add some cute jewelry to your collection! Buy yourself a new outfit (or two)!