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How can I grow my nails out?

Answer: Growing out your nails isn’t always as easy as it sounds—especially if winter has left them feeling brittle and dry. If you’ve had gel or acrylic nails recently, you know that getting those long, healthy nails can be even more difficult. Here are a few tips to help you strengthen and refresh your nails just in time for spring!

Trimming your nails every now and then encourages growth and helps keep them clean and fresh. If your nails are weak, try cutting them right after a shower or bath (this helps soften them and avoid splitting). Another trick is to soak your nails in warm milk – this has the added benefit of making them appear brighter!

Drinking milk
Adding calcium to your diet can go a long way when it comes to improving your overall health, in addition to helping your nails stay strong. If you’ve ever experienced a dry, peeling nail surface, chances are that it was due to a calcium deficiency in your diet. Increasing your calcium intake can help brighten the look of your nails. Drinking about two cups of milk a day can really strengthen the look and feel of your nails, as well as give them that extra bit of encouragement to grow more quickly.

Nail strengthener

Finding a great nail strengthener is important for two reasons: first, keeping a clear coat or two on your nails will prevent them from splitting and peeling. Since the polish acts as a type of seal on your nails, it can also help prevent them from breaking altogether. Second, consistently applying a strengthener will help restore your nails and will make them stronger over time. If you keep up with it, you’ll notice a difference after just two or three applications.

Filing and shaping
Keeping your nails well groomed and shaped can work wonders in giving them a strong and healthy appearance, and can also make them look longer. Filing is a quick and effective technique to use whether you’re on the go or have some time for pampering set aside. The more you file, the more your nails will retain the shape you give them—and the better they will look in the long run!