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 My hair keeps falling out! What can I do?

Answer: Losing a certain amount of hair while showering or brushing is completely normal–we can sometimes lose 100 strands per day–but if you notice you are losing more than your usual amount, it’s time to find out why and what can you do to stop your precious, beloved hair from falling out.

Say you’ve been experimenting a lot with your hair lately, and your hair is over-processed. You went from ombre hair to red, and then back to ombre again. Or perhaps you’re curling/straightening it too much. What can you do? For now, stay away of any color treatment (embrace your own!) and keep all hot styling tools down low.

Putting too much product on your scalp? Hair products usually contain lots of chemicals, so using more than you actually need may be harmful to your hair and scalp. Keep your products to a minimum. Choose natural products like coconut oil which provides strength and nourishes your hair, then warm it and massage your scalp for a few minutes, and leave it for half an hour and rinse with soft shampoo.

Your combing method is too rude: A lot of your hair stays in the brush as consequence. What you can do: Use a wide tooth comb and don’t brush immediately after shower because the follicle is weakest when the hair is wet. Be gentle and patience while detangling.

Your ponytail is too tight: The tension caused by pulling your hair can be damaging. Go for loose braids or low side pony tails instead, and try to wear it down as much as you can. Avoid hair elastics with metallic parts. I like the Scunci No Damage Elastics Bundle which, by the way, seem to last forever.

Your hair tools are dirty: Just like you wash your makeup brushes, your hair tools also need to be cleaned. They tend to accumulate dust. Give your brushes a little shampoo once a week. And as for your heat styling tools, just use dry paper towel to retire the dirtiness.

You aren’t getting enough protein: Protein is key to hair production, helping to generate new hair and make existing hair strong. Fix the problem from the inside by eating healthier. Eggs are a great source of protein. Green peas, quinoa and beans are protein rich too.