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 How should I style my hair in humid weather?

Answer: Whether you live in a humid climate or you’re just prepping for summer, there’s nothing worse than stepping out of your house after spending tons of time getting ready—only to realize your hair has turned into a big poof ball. Humidity can be a total buzz kill to your hair care regimen, but if you prepare for this type of weather and pack the right artillery (kidding of course), you can help beat the heat.

1. Choose moisture-rich shampoos

Shampoos that do nothing for your hair and strip it of its moisture shouldn’t be used in general, so why add insult to injury?Look for shampoos that have the words “moisturizing” or “hydrating” on the labels. These will help nourish your hair and protect against unruly frizz. Be sure not to over-wash your hair, as it will strip your hair of its natural moisture.

2. Get the right haircut for the weather

If you have curly hair, aim for layers. This will help prevent that triangle-poof look that plain long, curly hair can get from humidity. If your hair is fine, use some thickening lotion or mousse on the roots of your hair to give your hair texture. Humidity can really weigh this type of hair down, so volumizing with product is a plus. For thick, straight hair, dare to go shorter! Thick, long hair in the summer isn’t the most ideal look anyway (can you say hot and sticky necks?!). Layers are also great for adding definition and texture to an otherwise blunt cut. If you have wavy hair, go with the flow (literally). If your hair is waving in a certain direction, don’t try to work against it or consistently straighten it, because in humid weather your hair will inevitably try to wave in its natural direction. Instead, when you get out of the shower, twist your hair in the direction it tends to wave in naturally, and apply some heat protecting serum or styling cream.

3. Braid away!

Braids are both an easy and pretty way to get your hair out of your face in the heat. Instead of a ponytail which can still look frizzy, braids are tight and tucked in so your hair will stay in place. Try a low side braid or a ponytail braid pinned up in a bun on the most humid of days.

4. Serums and leave-ins

Frizz-control serums and leave-in conditioners will be your trusty weapons against heat. Be sure to apply these products if you’re going to wear your hair down, and especially if you’ll be going for the naturally curly look. Use your fingers to comb through your hair after you get out of the shower and squeeze the excess water out of your hair. Apply either of these products (or both) as soon as possible and let your hair dry naturally. Using a warm blow dryer is the last thing anyone wants to do in hot, hot weather—and natural, styled waves infused with moisturizers fare much better than blow-dried hair in humidity.

What are a few of your favorite humid weather hair tips?