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handle criticism

Photo: Photo: Jonathan Kos-Read

Photo: Jonathan Kos-Read

Do not let other people’s comments and opinions determine your happiness. This piece of advice can relate to many topics in your life, but how should you deal with people who judge your style?

As a beauty blogger, beauty vlogger, and daily Instagram uploader, I put myself out there for the world to see a lot. This can lead to sweet, positive comments and also rude, negative comments. Of course, when I received my first negative comment (someone said my eyebrows were horrible), it felt like my heart was ripped out of my body. I did not understand why someone would take time out of their day to say something impolite about my appearance.

After some thought, I realized something. Why does this person’s comment bother me? I love my eyebrows and recently realized that it was one of my favorite features on my face. Why would an anonymous person, hidden behind their computer screen, be allowed to ruin my day, week, or even my month with one little comment?

Here’s my advice for when you receive negative comments about your style: be yourself! Wear what you feel comfortable in. It’s a waste of time to act or dress a certain way just to please others, and frankly, it won’t make you happy. If someone negatively comments on your outfit, who cares? If you feel comfortable and confident, then that’s all that matters!

To this day, I still receive negative comments on all of my social media platforms and on everything from my makeup to my outfits. Since my first negative comment, I haven’t gotten upset over anyone’s negative opinions. I’ve learned to love myself the way I am because I am unique and I am me; no one can change that.

So, if you are having negative energies forced into your life, remember this: you are beautiful because you are you. You are unique because of your style and the makeup you wear. You stand out because of your extraordinary personality. Don’t ever let anyone’s comments change that.