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How can I get long lashes without falsies?

Answer: If you’re anything like me, you want to be able to rock Kardashian-esque lashes without the fear of your falsies plopping down into your cocktail. Perhaps you want to be able to shed a tear over Leo’s devastating Oscars snub without your eyes potentially becoming glued shut. Or maybe you’re just tired of spending as much time adding fake hair to your eyelids as you do removing real hair from the rest of your body.  If so, then the following mascara techniques and tips should help plump up your lash line while avoiding the cost and potential for embarrassment of wearing falsies:

1. Of course you already curled your lashes to achieve that doe-eyed look and coerce any unruly strays sky-high — however, in case you forgot: start by clamping as close to the base of the lashes as possible without causing pain, and squeeze the curler 4-5 times. Repeat at the mid lengths of the lashes, and again at the very tips in order to give every hair a smooth curl rather than a sharp and unnatural crimp. For especially stubborn straight lashes, try warming the curler with a blow dryer for 10 seconds prior to curling, taking care not to burn the skin on the eyelids. I like to use this cult favorite eyelash curler by Shu Uemura   (,default,pd.html).

2. To set the curl you just created, opt for waterproof mascara, as the added wax holds the curl in place. A dryer formula will also help preserve your fabulous curl without weighing the lashes down, whereas a wet formula will do to your curled lashes what a shower does to your curled hair.

3. To achieve a true false lash effect, using just one mascara won’t do. I like to layer a lengthening mascara underneath a volumizing one for the most dramatic results. My favorite waterproof mascara is Lash Stiletto by Maybelline, because the fibers in the formula act as extensions of natural lashes. Apply the first coats of lengthening mascara to just the tips of your lashes to further preserve the curl, then before these coats dry completely, take your favorite volumizing mascara and wiggle it back and forth from roots to tips to deposit the most product. My favorite volumizing mascara is CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher.

4. To avoid that spider-leg look, run a clean spoolie brush through the final look before everything dries—or alternatively, hold an index card to the back of lashes during application. Making contact between the applicator wand and the index card will help comb through any clumps.

5. Try dusting translucent setting powder on lashes between coats of mascara to add even more volume. Don’t forget that eyeliner was invented to add drama and make the lash line appear thicker, so line and tight-line your lids.

Don’t forget to invest in a great makeup remover (or perhaps some disposable pillowcases).

What are your favorite non-falsie lash tricks?