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Question: How often should I shampoo my hair?

Answer: You’ve heard it all – your Grandmother says a lady should shampoo her hair every other day, your friends to shampoo hair every single day of the week, and your hairdresser advises shampooing your hair three times a week. So, with all these varying opinions, what’s a girl to do? Well, the answer is that since everyone’s hair is different, you’ll have to experiment and see for yourself. If you’re not exercising/sweating heavily everyday, though, you’re probably safe shampooing your hair 3-4 times a week. Yes, I know it sounds strange if you’re accustomed to shampooing it every day of the week, but trust us – your hair will be much happier if you let it build up some natural oils. Now, if you have a heavy workout routine on a regular basis, you’ll want to shampoo it more frequently than that. If you have natural hair that hasn’t been dyed, consider using an organic shampoo without the harsh chemicals.

If you have dyed hair, it’s even worse to shampoo on a daily basis. In doing so, your hair’s dye will fade at a much quicker rate. Give your hair a rest and let it do its natural thing for awhile. (Alert: please remember that this is not an excuse to skip your regular shower! We only mean shampooing.)

If your hair is in need of some extra shine, try hair care products infused with oil like Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (Bumble & Bumble, $38). Using products with sweet natural oils will leave your hair silky smooth and fabulous as ever. Make sure to go with a product that is lightweight, to avoid looking greasy…that way you’ll achieve that radiant shine while actively avoiding greasy shine.