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Are you always wondering how the top supermodels like Miranda Kerr do their makeup? The secret: it’s actually easy! Here’s how to get model makeup in 4 easy steps:

1. Cover Under Eye Circles

Taking a page out of supermodel Miranda Kerr’s book, the first step in creating the perfect runway ready makeup look is to hide under eye area baggage and dark circles with a brightening concealer. Using either your ring finger or a sponge, blend your concealer up and out, bringing any remaining product into the outer corner and eyelid areas. You can do this either before or after applying foundation. I usually do it after.

model makeup

Photo by Jeffrey Menzini

2. Perfect The Cat Eye

Have you noticed how popular the cat eye makeup look has been on the runway recently? To create this look for yourself, you’ll definitely need a good liquid liner and a steady hand. Drawing a thin line starting at the inner corner of your top lash line and making it thicker towards the outer corner is essential. Flick the liner out about a quarter of an inch past your outer corner, and you’ve got a model cat eye effect! For added drama, you can draw and fill in an almost triangular wing shape starting from around the middle point of your top lash line.

3. Contour Those Cheekbones

One of the key features of that classic supermodel makeup look has got to be sharp, perfectly sculpted cheekbones. Taking a medium size face brush, start by creating a harsh line on your face from the area just next to the middle of your ear to an inch or two away from the corner of your lips. Then, blend the line out (this takes practice!) and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and voila, instant model cheekbones!

4. Highlight Your Skin

Highlighting is an important final step in this makeup look. A great highlighter really gives your skin an ethereal glow in a matter of seconds, and there are several inexpensive yet effective ones you can find at the drugstore. Sweep a touch of product across the tops of your cheekbones, on your temples, and down the bridge of your nose for a shimmery beauty look that will make an impression!