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For such a small country, Iceland has a thriving fashion scene where typical fashion rules are often broken. With such an extreme climate, the Icelandic fashion scene has a perfect blend of fashion and function with labels such as 66°NORTH and Nikita offering versatile outerwear. Below we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting brands currently releasing collections with their roots based firmly in Iceland.

1. Helicopter

Helicopter is a modern brand making huge strides both in Iceland and abroad. Having showcased its work in both New York and Paris, the brand is rapidly growing. Created by Helga Lilja, who previously worked at Nikita, the brand has a youthful and innovative look which appeals to young women everywhere. Each piece is purposefully designed to be minimal; allowing the wearer to add layers and accessories to make it completely unique.

Standout Piece: With such consistently high-quality pieces from Helicopter, it was hard to choose just one piece—but the Petra Dress blends both the sophistication and the striking look of the brand so well. With a slim line fit but comfy fit, the yellow stripes on the back give the dress its unique look.

icelandic fashion

2. Nikita

Nikita is one of the most established brands in Iceland. What started in the 90’s as a small operation creating hand-made individual items spread out into one of the most popular brands for active girls in the world. Nikita’s outerwear caters to motivated, creative entrepreneurial women.

Standout Piece: The Tundra Coat by Nikita is a perfect example of the brand’s commitment to both style and function. With a durable canvas and insulation in the sleeves, the coat offers a stylish solution to the extreme winters in Iceland. Available at Nikita’s online store.

icelandic fashion

3. Rakel Blom

Rakel Blom also makes it onto our list, despite being a relative newcomer to Icelandic fashion. Colourful, happy and affordable are the three words Rakel uses to sum up her young brand. Having graduated in 2012, Rakel moved to London to advance her career in fashion. She currently has a workshop in the London borough of Wimbledon where her wild designs come to life.

Standout Piece: It was difficult to pick a standout piece for Rakel Blom due to how wild her designs are. However, we managed to pick one outfit that just stood out above the rest with its South American inspired prints. This gorgeous look can be picked up at the Icelandic boutique LastaShop for those based in the US.

icelandic fashion rakel blom