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Question: How can I incorporate florals into my beauty routine?

Answer: So you’ve embraced the floral trend. You’ve been wearing blooms on your sunglasses, shoes, and the cutest sundresses. But there’s one place you haven’t managed to adorn quite yet…your makeup drawer! That’s where we come in—we’ve amassed a list of some of the beauty and bath products with the absolute sweetest floral packaging, so you can fully embrace your new role as a Botanical Babe.

The products


1. AERIN Beauty Floral Illuminating Powder ($55,


Not only does this illuminating powder help you achieve that glowing, radiant skin we all strive for, but it actually smells like roses. I never knew I needed an illuminating powder that looks like flowers and smells like roses, but clearly I do, and AERIN Beauty has me covered.

2. Flower Power Healing Salts and Flowers ($24,


These organic bath salts are not only packed with essential oils to help you relax while you soak, but they actually have flowers mixed into the blend, so you’ll have bright and beautiful petals among your bubbles. This sounds absolutely divine, and totally reminiscent of Ophelia in Hamlet, except, you know, you’ll be alive and smell good, so it’s so much better.

3. Honeycomb Parfum Crema by Library of Flowers ($19.50,

This boutique fragrance and bath company has what is probably the most beautiful packaging I’ve personally ever seen. All of their products have an insanely sweet and feminine look that just begs to be displayed on your bathroom counter or the top of your dresser. Honeycomb is my favorite of all of their fragrances, and is a mix of sugared fig, ambrosia honey, and royal bee blossom.

4. Paul & Joe Waterproof Mascara ($24,


Paul & Joe are now famous for their precious packaging (remember their cat lipstick, anyone?) and their mascara doesn’t fall short. It’s got a subtle but lovely floral pattern on the tube which will have you smiling every time you swipe some on. (Or making crazy, contorted faces as you try to coat each lash.)

5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette ($69.54,


This is the juicier, fruitier-smelling cousin of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. With more notes of fruit (such as raspberry, grapefruit, and pear) than the original Daisy (which smells so. good.), this perfume not only looks like a bouquet of summer flowers, but it smells like summer, too.

6. Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($8.27,


There is a reason that this salve makes it onto nearly every list of must-have cult beauty products. It’s insanely moisturizing, provides incredible shine with a hint of pink color when used on the lips, and it smells like fresh roses. My favorite use for this stuff is on my lips right before bed, and then I use any excess on my elbows and knees. Tip to those who have seen Contagion too many times: If you’re not crazy about dipping your fingers repeatedly into a tin, this stuff also comes in a just-as-cute tube for easier application!

7. Anna Sui Limited Edition Lip Crayon ($27,


The roses on the casing for this lip crayon strike that balance right between super sweet and rock-and-roll- this is probably the lip crayon used by Sandy at the end of Grease. Besides being adorable, this crayon can double as both lip liner and lipstick, too. Perfect product? Tell me about it, stud.

8. Nails Inc. Floral Polish ($11,


Being the manicure-lover I am, I just couldn’t finish this list without a pretty, petal-rific (that’s a word now) polish. The best part? It’s nail art in a bottle, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to paint a flower that ends up looking more like a 3-year-old’s portrait of a lion. The even better best part? It comes in four colors!

So that’s my list! What are your favorite floral-themed beauty products?

  • I remember from working at an Aveda salon many moons ago that they carried a Mascara that smelled like roses. Aveda Mascara Plus Rose, it doesn’t look like they make it any more. I’m sure there’s some other companies out there that do something similar though!

  • Marc Jacobs Daisy has been my favorite perfume for a while now, so I’ll have to switch it up and try the Sunshine one!!