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Question: Is BB cream totally worth it?

Answer: I have a full bottle of Lancôme foundation sitting around, untouched for over a year and wondering why it’s been rejected. And for so long.

Two letters and one word: BB Cream. Soon after asking a coworker, “What do you use on your skin because it looks so good?” and her responding with, “BB Cream”, I’ve been applying the “tinted moisturizer” to my face in lieu of a foundation. My coworker even told me her face’s appearance had improved since she started using the product.

Seeing the effects firsthand, I tried the product on my face later that day at the makeup counter down the street. (Working blocks away from a beauty counter? Not complaining.)

My search inside was brief. My friend was using Dr. Jart and it just so happened the brand had a display near the front of the store. After a Q&A with a sales assistant, (“But do I also need a foundation and if so, when do I apply?”, “What about concealer?”), I ventured with a $40 test of the latest beauty trend on the rise.

12 plus months later and needless to say via the above introduction explaining #foundationproblems, BB Cream has proven to be totally worth it. Sorry, foundation. You’re welcome, face.

Here are a few reasons BB Cream has replaced the foundation in my purse:

1) Wearing BB Cream feels lighter than wearing foundation. The six days of hot weather in San Francisco do not result in facemelt. BB Cream breathes.

2) BB Cream provides a more natural looking blend than foundation. I’m one who often goes for a softer look in terms of what’s covering most of my face. But during the foundation era, I would receive comments from my peers about me “wearing makeup”. Basically “oh you’re wearing makeup today” which yes, yes, I am, and it’s only foundation and these comments tell me my coverup is not really looking natural. But now, with BB Cream, (cue infomercial now), my peers tell me they think I wear little to no makeup. Thanks, guys.

3. It’s quick and easy to apply. Do you know how to apply moisturizer? Then you know how to apply BB Cream. I put mine on within five minutes of moisturizer. Then concealer. Then done. (Or I may put on other items such as mascara or lipstick, but I’m out the door after less than a minute of applying BB Cream and a few dabs of concealer. Then I apply espresso to my mouth.)

4. BB Cream is Jayne Min approved.

Questions on BB Cream? Fun facts? I wanna hear them. BB Cream jokes? Please. Sound off below.