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Question: What jacket length is best for short women?

Answer: As with all body types, dressing a petite figure can be tricky at times! Luckily, there are lots of fashionable women to look to for inspiration. When it comes to finding a flattering jacket, style icons such as Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere and Rachel Bilson prove that the old adage really is true: good things definitely do come in small packages!

Rachel Bilson is a superhero when it comes to balancing the proportions of her outfits. At only 5’2”, she emphasizes her legs by pairing a hip-length blazer with a fun, chic pair of short shorts. Don’t shy away from the shorter lengths when rocking this style! The blazer adds class and polish, while shorts paired with some gorgeous pumps combine to highlight your legs, making them seem extra long.

At 5’0”, Hayden Panettiere is a pro at finding jackets which are flattering to her smaller figure. A key tip to take from her: color-blocking is your friend! Like Rachel Bilson, Hayden wears a hip length black jacket. But, in order to create a streamlined figure, she pairs this jacket with leggings in the same color. This creates one long, consistent line which elongates her torso.

For those with petite figures who want to try jackets with a longer length, look to Natalie Portman for inspiration! Natalie is 5’3”, but the way she styles her outfits keep her looking tall and lean. The key to wearing longer jackets, such as the trench style, is tailoring. Smaller figures can be easily overcome by too much fabric, so a tailored fit is key to maintaining a look which looks oh-so-cool.

All in all, the question is not if petite women can wear certain lengths of jackets, but rather how to best wear each length. With the right proportion, color, and fit, every woman can not only wear, but rock, the trendiest jackets of each season. And, as always, a killer pair of heels never hurts (I’d like that on my tombstone, please).

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What are your favorite jacket trends for summer? Do you have any tips for styling for petite figures?

  • Jasmine

    Great tips for us short ladies! Thanks