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The new year is in full swing and by now the resolution many of us made to get fit and lose weight is slipping from our grasp because our motivation is waning. Come June we’ll wonder what happened to our summer bodies we worked on during the winter and by the time December rolls around again we’ll be biting our lower lip set to make the same resolution promising ourselves we’ll stick to it this time.

I get it. Trust me. Finding time to go to the gym is hard. Actually working out is harder. The motivation is there one day and the next it’s gone. What if it followed you around on your back? I’m not talking about hiring a personal trainer to yell at you Jillian Michaels style but fashion. Workout clothes have evolved over the past few years. Instead of black spandex or bulky white Fruit of the Loom t-shirts you borrowed from your boyfriend, women are now hitting the gym in prints, statement t-shirts and colorful clothing.

Remain trendy and motivated at the gym with these choices:

Body Pop & Blogilates

Fitness meets fashion in this peplum top from Body Pop. You can show off your arms in the gym or pilates class, your upper abs that you’ve worked hard to tone and those back muscles that are finally showing some definition. Body Pop is great for a splurge since the clothing items are rather pricey for fitness attire but the quality is high. Plus, this shirt and other pieces are versatile enough they can double as regular clothing.

If you can’t swing the big bucks for Body Pop, Blogilates also has its own line of fitness clothing with motivational quotes on shirts, sweaters and leggings, like “Train Insane or Remain The Same,” or my favorite “Train Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty.”


If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on active wear, then Forever21 is the place for you. Their pieces are cute and functional. Their motivational shirts are inexpensive but the real deal are their pants and shorts. Many of their leggings have hidden key pockets or larger pockets which you can’t find with many fitness pants these days. The options are also endless, choose from color blocking leggings, geometric prints or faux leather with sheer paneling.


Similar to Forever 21, H&M has stepped it up with their activewear. Their clothing ranges from neutrals like grey and black but if you don’t want to stand out they have darker colored prints. All of their options come in regular and plus sizes.


When I heard about this website I thought it was a great idea because who doesn’t want to show off how hard they’re exercising? These sweat activated shirts are great for cardio days, as you push through a run or spin class your sweaty body will help reveal the words of your otherwise plain shirt. Beast mode on.

When you look good, you feel good. Invest in one of these options or mix and match them to create the perfect outfit that will get you to put on your running sneakers or yoga socks and workout.