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 How can I make my lips look fuller?

Answer: A full, luscious pout is a much-envied trait of those girls who naturally have them! However, with a couple makeup tips and tricks, you can actually fake fuller lips in no time.

1. Cupid’s bow

That’s right, that little curve at the top of your lip can actually help create the look of fuller lips. After applying a light lip color (for reasons I’ll explain soon), add a little bit of highlighter right on your cupid’s bow. The way the light hits in this area will trick the eye in to thinking your upper lip has more volume. Try Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl and tap a small amount with your finger right on the bow.

2. Light lips

Stick with neutral and medium shades of lip color and glosses for the look of fuller lips. Dark shades can actually close up your mouth and accentuate thin lips. After you apply your lip color, choose a pearlescent or shimmery color that’s  a shade or two lighter than your lip color and apply this only to the middle of your lips. This “light trick” will also create the illusion of full lips.

3. Lip liner

Choose a lip liner that closely matches a lip color of your choice and apply this either before or after applying the lip color. Lip liner can help create fullness and a more defined shape. Be careful not to “draw” your lips and make the outline bigger than your mouth really is so that they still look natural.

4. Pump up the volume

There are actually glosses and colors on the market that have lip-enhancing properties, so you’re getting both volume and great color all in one. Try Josie Maran’s Plumping Lip Gloss for beautiful volumizing shades of pink and nude. The gloss is also titled “natural” for a reason—it’s free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. I’ll take all four shades, please!

5. Rub-a-dub

Before a night out or a special event you want to create a little extra fullness for, try massaging your lips after applying a lip balm. The rubbing and light squeeze action will help increase circulation, thus causing fullness. This is a short-term trick though, so utilize this before pictures or when you run to the ladies room for a quick pop of volume.

What beauty tricks do you have for creating fuller lips?