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Question: What long haircuts should I try out?

Answer: I’m a big fan of the long, tousled wavy look — a few layers around the face will spice up the average haircut. Highlights or even ombré hair will really make those layers pop, and it’s sure to brighten your look up for summer.

Gather inspiration from these long haircuts:

If you want volume, opt for sharp layers with a “V cut.” Wear big loose curls to achieve the classic Victoria’s Secret Angels style.

Then we have the blunt cut. I think a blunt cut is absolutely gorgeous for a little bob. In my opinion, it’s a bit drab for long hair unless you’re a high fashion model.

Incorporating bangs is an easy way to change up any hairstyle. It’s true that you need a certain face shape in order to successfully rock the full bang, but it can look quite chic when done correctly.

The side bang is a softer alternative. If I may do the honors, I crown Nicole Richie queen of the side bang. Her look is so frequently imitated, yet so rarely achieved.

Of course, there are countless alternative hairstyles. Dreads are a look I’ve always admired, but I could never rock them. How do you wash them, anyway? I suppose that’s a question for a future post.

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of options. When it comes to coloring, there’s always a risk of hair damage — so be sure to take care of your new locks. And don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Chop it all off. Dye it lavender. Try something new; after all, you only live once. Just promise you’ll never, ever, ever try the mullet. Ever.

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