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Question: What long sleeve outfits can I wear to cover my arms fashionably?

Answer: Summertime is almost here, and you’re dreading it because your go-to cover up friends (coats and sweaters) are waving you goodbye for the season. You’re not quite arm-ready for this summer and you want to find a way to conceal your arms without looking like you’re hiding something. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we all want to exercise our right to bare arms—literally. Until then, here are some tips on how to turn your arms into arm candy:


With the sun beaming on you, the material you wear is crucial. Wearing lace not only conceals your arms—it also gives your skin room to breathe as well. With all the beautiful detailing that a lace top has, the focus will shift away from your arms.

3/4 Quarter Length Sleeves

Three-fourth-quarter length sleeves are a great way to conceal just enough of your arms without looking too covered. Vouch for a blouse like this but with a lightweight material, such as silk.

Cutout Sleeves

Wearing long sleeves all the time to cover up your arms can get quite tiring. Try spicing up the way you wear longs sleeves by wearing a unique cutout sleeve top. It leaves some great ventilation for your arms, and it’s very chic.

Butterfly Sleeves

The Butterfly Sleeves do a great deal of hiding a defined arm shape. The shape alone will get people’s eyes lost in the sleeves, leaving less focus on your actual arms and more so on this stylish blouse.

Covering up a body part we’re not comfortable with can be easy when given the proper tips. As a future goal, focus on accentuating the wonderful parts of your body that make you feel the most amazing, whether it be your eyes, your lips, or your legs. Don’t worry yourself, and focus on feeling great in the skin you’re in.