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Getting a makeup counter job is a great part time job if you can snag it, since free makeup giveaways and discounted products are perks you can look forward to with most major cosmetics companies. But landing a job at a makeup counter does require some specialized knowledge and makeup application skill; so read on for a few pointers on what you can do to score a makeup counter job:

Master the Art of Blending

Before you start handing out applications at your nearest mall, you’ll want to make sure that your blending skills are up to par. This is because most makeup companies will have you demonstrate technique as part of the interview process. Blending isn’t as easy as it sounds, so try doing a friend’s eye makeup or watch a few tutorials on YouTube to get the hang of it.

Learn to Match Foundation Shades

Knowing how to match foundation shades to different skin tones is definitely an important skill to have in your arsenal, especially because foundations tend to be a top seller for cosmetics companies. To really develop an eye for matching shades, practice by picking out your own shade with foundations from your local drugstore. You can use the tester bottles to swipe product onto the inside of your wrist, or try eyeballing your shade by looking in a mirror if no tester products are available.

Show Your Product Knowledge

Above all else, if you want to snag a job at a makeup counter, you’ve got to be ready to dazzle the interviewer with your extensive knowledge of both the brand and its products. So read up, do your homework and learn about what each product does – and before long, you’ll be working that counter like a natural!