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Question: What is the best makeup for sick days?

Answer: Makeup is probably not your main concern on sick days (chances are you won’t even want to leave bed), but what if you have important commitments that you can’t break? You still need to look good, of course. We’ve come to your rescue with these tips and tricks so you can look healthy on a sick day—and hopefully feel a little better, too.

– Since our skin can sometimes get extra-dry when under the weather, moisturizing is super important. Before putting your makeup on, use a gentle cleanser and vouch for a light moisturizer. Try Aloe Vera gel—it not only hydrates the skin, combats dryness and calms irritation—but it’ll also rejuvenate your skin. Plus: it acts as a primer, so your makeup will last even longer.

– Get rid of any redness by applying  BB cream to even out the skin tone. Then use concealer only on those problem areas, like the corners of your nose.

– Due to the skin’s dryness, makeup can easily look cakey. Apply a minimal amount of powder—just enough to seal your makeup.

– Cream blush adds a healthy glow, while peachy tones counteract redness.

– If your eye area is feeling irritated, skip any eye makeup and focus on defining your eyebrows. It’ll make you feel instantly more put together.

– Experiencing watery eyes? Eyeliner may not be the best idea. To open up your eyes, a couple coats of waterproof mascara will do the job.

– For dry and chapped lips, a tinted lip balm will hydrate and give your lips some color.

– As for your hair, opt for a messy bun or a low pony tail.

What’s your go-to makeup when you’re feeling sick but still need to head out? Tell us below!