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Before I became a Makeup Artist, I struggled with my makeup whenever I wore my glasses. I wasn’t sure what looked good, or if I was wearing too much/not enough makeup, and so on..

When you google the topic, you find hundreds of sites… But they all say different things! Don’t do this.. Don’t do that, while others say the opposite! It can get very confusing, but no worries, I am here to help!

The following information is advice based on experience, as well as knowledge from becoming a Makeup Artist.  Just remember, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself, and makes you feel comfortable. If there are any tips/tricks that you have, regarding make up for girls who wear Glasses, please share! The more advice the better! Just leave your thoughts in the comment section!

The Basics (That everyone should own- Depending on their skin type & preference)

1. Primer

2. BB Cream

3. Concealer – (elf Cosmetics, which is Featured above, is one of the best concealers I have ever used! It also has a highlighter in it, making it perfect for under the eyes!) *Glasses magnify the area under your eyes. If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes, Concealer is a must!*

4. Setting Powder  – *Setting Powder is great after you apply concealer under your eyes. It keeps everything in place! Especially in the Summer when you get all sweaty!*

5. “All over Stick” – Use it as a creamy Blush, Lip color, and even Eye Shadow! *When you wear glasses, you should wear blush/bronzer. It makes it so your glasses don’t completely hide your facial features. Just apply a small amount on the “Apples” of your cheeks.*


-For Mascara, everyone has their preferences. If there is one you love, use it! I personally LOVE Covergirl’s Bombshell Mascara and Rimmel London’s Go Retro! Both work very well!

-Eyeliner can be tricky, depending on the color of your lenses.

-With Black lenses, you can wear any color eyeliner you want. Black liner seems to be the most popular.

-With “warmer” Shade Frames, try to wear a shade of Brown (You can choose which shade works best for you!)

-With “cooler” Shade Frames, Check out the different shades of Blue or Grey!


Out for the Night:

This is the fun part! Stick to a smokey eye. Look at what your wearing for the night, and base your smokey eye on the color your wearing!

Example: A Purple shirt and Jean shorts.

Eyeshadow Colors: White, Purple, Black.