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Question: What are the best medium length hairstyles?


I myself have medium length hair, and find that it’s a daily struggle to find cool and cute ways to style it. It’s fair to say that I may have spent several hours searching Pinterest and Tumblr for hair looks that inspire me enough to try them out! Here are some cool medium length hairstyles for you to try out:

Here is one of my all-time faves. Inspired by Rodarte f/w 13, this style is super cute, as it pulls some of your hair away from your face! This hairstyle is great because it will work perfectly with medium length hair. Not to mention the fact that the back is super cool with the mini bun ‘n braids!

Another option is to put  that hair into a pony. And not a regular pony — one that’s super relaxed around the face, with those little baby hairs going wild. I used to hate  and I mean hate with a passion wearing a ponytail. That is, until I had my hair cut below the shoulders. It was like this great discovery; my ponytails suddenly looked super cute with all this loose hair framing my face!

Another idea that I couldn’t quite find a pic for is to just braid braid braid your hair and pin it into a low messy bun. This look can be casual or even done up to look fancier.

For an edgier look, tie the upper half of your hair into a bun. It’s super great to get the hair out of your face  perfect for a laid-back day!