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Mixing different prints and patterns can be a fun, refreshing way to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. From casual to dressy, contrasting prints can look super stylish. Plus, they make a statement and can work for any occasion. However, finding the right balance can be tough. You want to stand out, but you don’t want the combination to overwhelm your mismatched look. Here are a couple of go-to rules for how to mix prints flawlessly: 

1. Think in terms of color

Stripes and polka dots are a surefire combo when it comes to mixing prints and patterns, but the look still has to be done right. Think in terms of color. If you’re wearing a navy polka dot skirt, try mixing in navy stripes with a shirt or cardigan. This technique also works with similar color families. This is an easy, safe way to mix patterns and a great place to start!

2. Don’t be too matchy-matchy

Try not to wear one pattern from head to toe. Matching your striped sweater to your striped shoes and striped headband just isn’t cute. It’s okay to mix the same patterns in one outfit, just don’t go overboard with it. And of course, remember to incorporate different sizes of the same print for a look with dimension and visual interest. 

Remember these two basic rules, and you’ll be mixing prints and patterns like a pro in no time.

How do you mix prints?