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ModCloth is a fun online retailer that specializes in vintage styles and quirky apparel. I am a long-time ModCloth customer and have interacted with their customer service team countless times as well as connected with them on social media. They are one of my favorite online retailers, however, no shopping experience is perfect.

Pros of ModCloth:

1. They offer a wide variety of sizing.

ModCloth sells many of their styles in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. And the best part? They are all the exact same price.

2. They have the best customer service.

ModCloth employees respond to your reviews, interact quickly on social media, and you can chat with them on their website 24/7. I’ve had several issues with orders in the past and all of them were taken care of right away and to my satisfaction.

3. They share style tips.

Probably one of my favorite features of ModCloth as a whole. Some of their styles can be intimidating (what should you pair a mustard colored skirt with anyway?), but the Modstylists share tips, tricks, and examples of how to build an outfit. This is especially great for when you are infatuated with a quirky pair of shoes and have no idea what to wear them with.

4. Free shipping on orders over $50.

It’s easy to hit the free shipping minimum on Modcloth (see con #5). As far as free shipping minimums go, I think this is a fairly low one, and it’s a nice feature to have, especially when you are already spending so much on the merchandise.

5. Their sales are out of this world.

Twice a year (usually in the summer and around Black Friday), Modcloth hosts a 50 percent off sale. A good portion of their inventory (I’d estimate around 60-70 percent) is marked down.

I try to limit my time on Modcloth (otherwise I would be completely broke) and discovered this by mistake when my cart total was half price. Needless to say, I then bought everything.

Cons of Modcloth:

1. Shipping can be slow; returns can be even slower.

When I first started shopping at Modcloth, I could order something, have it within a week, and if I needed to return it, my return would be completed in less than seven days even with the slowest shipping option. Recently however, it has taken up to two weeks for my return to make it to the warehouse and be processed.

2. Sizing  varies.

Because Modcloth’s inventory is made up of many different brands, the sizing is often inconsistent. Even with checking the measurements on the item page, it can still be hit or miss.

Sometimes, it’s best to order items in multiple different sizes, but it’s tough with most of their items costing north of 50 bucks. Chatting with a ModStylist can be beneficial, but you still won’t know for sure until you try the item on.

3. It’s only online.

Oh how I wish Modcloth had a brick and mortar store. I would love to be able to try things on before I bought them, especially when it comes to brands you’ve never heard of.

4. Things go out of stock fast (especially the really cute stuff).

This is a fairly common thing at all stores, but because Modcloth only has one warehouse location, things can go out of stock really quickly. You can request that they restock an item and they will email you when it’s back in, but it is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase it as it isn’t reserved for you.

I’ve also experienced oversold inventory where I paid for an item but had to be refunded because they sold more items than they had available. Tough luck, I guess.

5. It’s expensive and the quality can be hit or miss.

While Modcloth does sell unique and quirky vintage styles, they also sell basic wardrobe necessities. These things, however, can be extremely pricey for their purpose. I’ve seen leggings and T-shirts listed at $50; unnecessarily high if you ask me. Additionally, many of their dresses are priced at well over $100. This makes it difficult for them to be affordable, especially when the quality of the items isn’t always the best.

Generally speaking, Modcloth is a great place to shop. If you have patience and time to spare, you can find some great, unique items to spice up your wardrobe.